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First Time Using a Caterer

So you are planning a very special event for your friends and family. You never used a caterer before. Did you always cook the food yourself and hold parties in your home? Or is it your wedding day and this is the first event you ever planned?

Hiring a professional may seem overwhelming at first because frankly there are so many caterers in the area. You want to choose a caterer you are comfortable with and who understands your vision for your big day. You need someone who will listen and then share his experience to help and guide you through the important details and take the stress out of planning your event.

Every caterer will tell you about the great food and service, but you know that there are some that have to be better than others. How do you decide who is best for you? Well a recommendation from someone you know that has had a good experience with a caterer is a real good way. Also you can find customer feedback on line through search engines that always encourage reviews for businesses. Another way is to check social media sites such as Facebook to see what others think about certain businesses.

As you get to the point where you have a short list of professionals, plan a visit to their venues. Ask lots of questions, check the kitchen and bathrooms and sit and talk with them to get a feel for the individual you will be dealing with for this important occasion. When the list is even shorter ask about tasting their food. Poor quality food will leave a bad taste in your mouth( Get it) and will ruin your party. Be sure the business is insured and licensed by the appropriate health department.

Getting a detailed quote will eliminate confusion between the different caterers you will be shopping. When you have decided, a signed contract and deposit will be necessary. Be sure all the important information is in writing. On second thought even the small details can be written down. Ask a lot of questions before and after signing the contract. You will not be bothering your caterer with e mails and calls while planning the party.

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