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Wedding Party Planning & Choosing the Reception Venue

You expect your wedding day to be an event that is very special and memorable. M.E.I. Catering shares that responsibility and will help you plan a perfect reception for you and your guests. With customized wedding packages we can create a wedding event for you that can be an elegant sit down dinner, lavish wedding buffet or a cocktail party. We will plan any aspect of your special day.

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How to Select the Best Wedding Reception Catering Service in Bucks County and Philadelphia

Along with the dress and ceremony, the other aspect that people will most remember about your wedding will be the food. After a beautiful celebration, who wouldn’t enjoy a good in Bucks County, or Philadelphia, PA? This article will explain the steps behind wedding reception catering and why it’s so important.

The first thing to do is choose a wedding reception caterer. First, ask yourself what type of event you want: something formal or informal? Do you emphasize the food as a major detail before moving on to the dance? Will you have an open bar, or would you prefer a couple of drinks per guest? Will it be a themed wedding: country, vintage, etc.? All these details will help you when deciding on what type of wedding reception catering you want.

Questions to consider when looking for wedding reception caterers and catering companies for your Bucks County, or Philadelphia, PA wedding

  1. Do you serve fresh or frozen food? Price is not the same, and neither is the result. It’s good to know if everything is cooked at once or if something comes precooked. M.E.I. Catering always serves fresh food—never frozen.
  2. Do you specialize in something in particular? Let yourself be surprised by the skills of the chef. M.E.I Catering has always let your ideas guide us to the wedding that you want. Tell us your dreams. We will do all that we can to accommodate them.
  3. How is the food served? Most wedding reception catering companies will not tell you about this unless you ask first. Ask to see the crockery, cutlery and give you presentation samples of food. See if they carry salt shakers, napkins, dishes, decorations for the tables, etc. And of course, see how large the portions are, on average, for each guest. M.E.I. Catering is your turnkey wedding reception catering specialists. We provide everything you need for your big day!
  4. Do they offer special menus? Think about the children, celiac disease, diabetes, allergies, vegetarians, etc. Set aside vegetarian, meat or fish plates for whoever. MEI Catering can accommodate virtually any special request you may have.

M.E.I. Catering is a family run business and we have been catering weddings in Bucks County and Northeast Philadelphia since 1988.

All food preparation is done with the care you would want for your own family.